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  • Pre Sterilized Masters Mix


    Pre Sterilized Masters Mix – 2kg bag Introducing our Pre Sterilized Masters Mix – 2kg bag, the final word answer for rising high-quality mushrooms in giant portions. This premium substrate combine has been rigorously formulated utilizing a mix of high-quality natural supplies and is pre-sterilized to get rid of any potential contaminants. Our Pre Sterilized…

  • Trichoderma


    2kg Trichoderma Fungus Power Pack with Mushroom Compost Boost! Enhance your gardening experience with our exclusive 2kg Trichoderma Fungus Power Pack, with premium Mushroom Compost. This dynamic duo is a powerhouse combination that promises to elevate your garden’s potential and foster a thriving, nutrient-rich environment for your plants. Trichoderma & Mushroom Compost Trichoderma Fungus Power…

  • Medicinal Mushroom Kit


    Medicinal Mushroom Kit Introducing our complete Medicinal Mushroom Kit – your all-in-one answer to cultivating a various array of highly effective and helpful fungi proper within the consolation of your personal home. This package is meticulously designed to deliver you the extraordinary therapeutic properties and culinary delights of six premium medicinal mushrooms: Cordyceps, Reishi, Turkey…

  • Basic Mushroom Cultivation Starter Kit


    Basic Mushroom Cultivation Starter Kit A Fun Way To Learn And Grow Mushrooms   Introducing our Basic Mushroom Cultivation Starter Kit – the last word gateway to the fascinating world of mushroom cultivation. This package is thoughtfully curated to offer you a seamless and rewarding expertise in rising your personal mushrooms proper at residence. What’s…