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Sterilized Grain

Uninoculated Sterilized Grain serves as a ready-to-use substrate for mushroom cultivation, providing a nutrient-rich and contaminant-free environment ideal for spore inoculation. Each batch of grain is carefully sterilized to eliminate any potential pathogens, ensuring a safe starting point for your mycelium to colonize and thrive. This product is perfect for cultivators seeking convenience and consistency, helping streamline the mushroom growing process while maximizing yields.

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  • Sterilized Sorghum Red Milo Uninoculated Grain Spawn Bag 1kg/2kg

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    Description: Our Sterilized Sorghum Grain is expertly prepared to create the perfect substrate for mushroom growth. Each grain is chosen for its high quality and ability to support a healthy, robust environment for mycelium, encouraging vigorous growth and abundant yields. What’s Included in the Box: 1kg/2kgof high-quality sterilized sorghum grain, sealed in a breathable 0.2…