Our Process

Discover the meticulous care we dedicate to maintaining purity throughout our cultivation process. With rigorous contamination control measures in place, we safeguard every stage, ensuring the highest quality mushrooms for our customers.

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At Mushroom Farm Supplies, our cultivation process begins with the careful isolation of pure mushroom mycelium from contaminants. Using sterile techniques, we transfer clean mycelium onto agar plates or into a liquid culture medium to initiate growth.

Once the mycelium is established, we facilitate its expansion in the agar plates or liquid culture medium. Providing optimal conditions such as temperature, humidity, and light encourages vigorous growth, ensuring a strong foundation for our mushrooms.

We meticulously prepare a premium spawn substrate for our mushrooms, selecting high-quality materials like grain, sawdust, or straw. Through sterilization or pasteurization, we create an ideal environment for mycelial colonization, promoting healthy growth.

Our next step involves inoculating the prepared substrate with the expanded mycelium from the agar plates or liquid culture. With precise techniques and attention to detail, we ensure uniform distribution of the spawn throughout the substrate, laying the groundwork for abundant mushroom production.

The inoculated substrate is then placed in controlled environments for incubation. Under carefully monitored conditions of darkness, humidity, and temperature, the mycelium colonizes the substrate, forming a dense network essential for robust mushroom development.

Once fully colonized, we transition the substrate to conditions conducive to mushroom fruiting. Tailoring temperature, humidity, and light levels to the specific requirements of each mushroom species stimulates fruiting, setting the stage for a plentiful harvest.

 Finally, we harvest the mature mushrooms as they emerge, employing gentle techniques to preserve their quality. Regular harvesting promotes continuous fruiting cycles, ensuring a steady supply of premium mushrooms for our customers to enjoy.