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Sterilized Mushroom Bulk Substrates

Mushroom substrates are specialized growing mediums used to cultivate various types of mushrooms. These substrates provide the essential nutrients and environmental conditions mushrooms need to develop from spores to mature fungi. Common substrates include materials like straw, hardwood sawdust, coco coir, and manure, each chosen for its ability to support the specific growth requirements of different mushroom species. The choice of substrate is crucial as it influences the growth rate, yield, and quality of the mushrooms, making it a fundamental component of successful mushroom cultivation.

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  • Sterilized Masters Mix 1kg/2kg

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    Description: Masters Mix, invented by T.R. Davis from Earth Angel Mushrooms is expertly formulated to optimize mushroom growth, combining our Hardwood Fuel Pellets and Soy Hull Pellets in precise proportions to create a nutrient-rich substrate. The mix is autoclaved to a high standard to ensure it is free from contaminants and ready for inoculation upon…

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  • Sterilized Coco Coir and Vermiculite CVG Substrate 1kg/2kg

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    Description: Our Coco Coir Vermiculite Gypsum (CVG) Substrate is expertly blended to provide an ideal growing environment for a wide range of mushrooms. This substrate combines the water-retaining properties of coco coir, the aeration and moisture moderation of vermiculite, and the pH stabilizing effects of gypsum to create a balanced medium that fosters healthy mushroom…

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