Nameko (Pholita microspora)

Nameko Pholita Microspora

Nameko, also known as pholita microspora, is a type of mushroom that is commonly used in miso soup. This mushroom is edible and is good for you and is packed with iron, calcium, and protein. In addition, it is believed to inhibit the growth of human breast cancer.

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Nameko Pholita microspora is a flavorful mushroom

Nameko is a low-calorie mushroom that is packed with nutrients. It is an excellent source of calcium, iron, and protein. It has a low calorie count and low fat content, and each serving provides about six grams of protein and about five calories. Its low calorie count makes it an ideal option for those who want to add flavor to a dish without adding extra calories. Nameko is a good source of iron, and a quarter-cup serving contains about 10 grams of the mineral.

Nameko (Pholita Microspora)

Nameko has a distinctive flavor and texture. It is a type of butter mushroom and is popular in Japanese cuisine. It can be fresh or dried. This mushroom is found primarily in Japan and China. It is also occasionally found in the United States. Its cap is approximately three to six centimeters in diameter.

Nameko is a fungus that grows in clusters on white stems. Its caps are smooth and shiny and have a slightly gelatinous feel. When cooked, nameko develops a jelly-like texture, making it an excellent addition to soups and stir-fries.

Nameko mushroom has an earthy forest flavor that pairs well with red meat, light red wines, and dark vegetables. Its flavor and texture are best enhanced when they are sauteed, roasted, or grilled. Nameko mushrooms are also versatile enough to be mixed into pasta or served on pizza. They are also commonly used in stir-fries and mushroom pate. They can also be chopped and served on crostini as an appetizer.

Nameko mushrooms can be bought fresh or canned. For the freshest mushrooms, look for shiny caps with no obvious stains or discolorations on them. These mushrooms will keep for three to four days in a refrigerator. Canned nameko mushrooms can be found year-round in Asian markets.

Nameko mushrooms have a gelatinous coating on their caps, making them excellent for thickening sauces and soups. The gelatin coating on the mushroom’s cap helps to enhance the flavor of soups and sauces, lending them body and a satisfying taste.

Nameko is very popular in Asian cuisine. Its rich flavor is often paired with meat. It is a standard ingredient of Miso soup. Certified organic by QAI, Nameko is a good choice for anyone looking to enjoy a unique, delicious mushroom.

Nameko (Pholita Microspora)

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It is a good source of iron, calcium, and protein

Nameko Pholita microspore is a type of mushroom that is harvested from the forest and is rich in iron, calcium, and protein. It contains less than 1% fat, making it an excellent source of these nutrients.

Nameko Pholita microspore contains high levels of iron and calcium. In studies, it can be a good source of iron for people with iron deficiency. It may also be helpful for patients with disorders of absorption or metabolism. It can also add variety to a typical daily diet.

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It inhibits growth of human breast cancer

Nameko Pholita microspore has the potential to inhibit the growth of human breast cancer cells, a study has shown. The fungus produces proteins that inhibit tumor growth in vitro. These compounds are obtained from the substrate used in the cultivation of the mushroom. They could be used for pharmaceutical production.

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